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Tips For Mixing Patterns

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Many people think that it is impossible to mix patterns, well its not. And I'm here to give you a few tips on how to do so:

1) Choose one dominate and one accent pattern.

2) Make stripes a neutral

3) Stay in the same color family (AKA blue with blue)

4) Choose two of the same print that are the same (AKA two different types of floral)

5) Work with prints that are different sizes

6) If one print of neutral, make the other colorful

7) If you use the same pattern invert the colors

8) Lean more on matching colors rather than prints

9) Spread your prints throughout your outfit

10) Use solids to break up the patterns

11) Try to keep a maximum of three different prints

12) If you wear the same patterns make them different colors

13) Stripes almost always go with polka dots

14) Less is always more

15) Have fun with it!

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