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Fabulous, meet Fabulous.

Jacqueline Friedhof

Hi friends.  It’s been a such a fun week at Pink Maisy.  We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you for the first time and we hope to see you shopping back with us very soon!

One of our featured items in the store is our line of Liverpool jeans.  We’ve had several inquiries about them and even some questions about the quality and price, so let’s just introduce you to Liverpool right here.  Our Liverpool line is definitely one of our more high-end featured items in the store and for good reason.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through probably a hundred pairs of jeans over the course of my life and about 98 of them felt like “settling”.  Sure, they fit ok and worked well enough to get by, but jeans just don’t typically “work” with my body.  They are my least favorite articles of clothing, to the point that when I do wear them, I immediately get a wide-eyed, “Hey!  Wow!  You’re…wearing jeans!” from at least one person.  I didn’t get a face tattoo, for Pete’s sake! I’m just wearing jeans.

Listen, it’s not that I don’t want to wear jeans.  It’s that I typically don’t feel very confident because they never feel all that comfortable.  And seriously, why wear something if you don’t feel smokin’ hot at best, not hideously uncomfortable at minimum.  So, after years of suffering and finally accepting that I wasn’t born with the “jean gene”, I gave up.  Then I met Liverpool.

I used to think denim was just…well, denim.  I had no idea how innovative you could get with denim fabrics to the point that they can actually compliment my body and (dare I say) feel awesome!  I can actually move and they look hot (sorry, not sorry).  If you had told me a year ago that I would pay $79 for a pair a pants I might have told you to go fly a kite on the way back to the looney bin you came from, but now I truly see the value and don’t bat an eyelash.  I can wear these over and over and feel so great every time.  Considering all the $30-$40-$50 jeans I’ve bought over the years that never quite made the cut, this is a no-brainer for me. 

So. What’s the big whoop? 

Liverpool has an actual technology built into their designs.  Their mission to deliver the most innovative denim product includes developing the softest fabrics out of high quality yarns that yield a “4-way stretch” (can I get an Amen, sister friends?).  Their jeans fit better than any I have ever tried and work with my body, which is so refreshing for a curvy girl like me!

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Bringing our attention to new technology in denim fabrications motivated us to work closer with fabric mills in order to create an incomparable premium jean with phenomenal comfort, stretch, recovery memory, and freedom of movement. These four properties have become the key to our customer satisfaction and loyalty.  As a result, we are thrilled to see women expressing positive emotion and confidence while wearing our product. So much so, that we continue to dive deeper into producing denim with cutting-edge fabrics and leading designs.”

So, if you haven’t visited Pink Maisy yet, stop by soon.  We have tons of brand new outfits and summer styles!  And if you really want to treat yourself, try on a pair of Liverpool jeans.  You’ll be hooked.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you J

Love and style,

Jacqueline & Pink Maisy

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