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Spring Cleaning

Cierra Jade

As the temperatures rise so do hem line. Ladies and gents its that time of year, although spring cleaning is a dreaded task with a chore list as tall as you, spring cleaning closet style can be made simple and possibly even fun with these next steps;

Play music- Get the mood going with some grooves.

Take everything out- Yes, everything.

Sort clothes into piles- this may not seem necessary but it will make your cleaning much easier. You can sort by items (i.e. shirts, jeans, dresses etc.) or however you prefer.

Start at each pile and declutter- try starting by bring out the spring clothes and storing those beloved sweaters of yours.

Next is the most important step so read carefully, throw it away- If you haven't warn it in a year, throw it away. If it does not fit but you are 'going to lose weight during the summer' throw it away. If it is from the 80's, it may be hard to let go.. but when you do make sure you let it go over a garbage bin.

 Lastly, bag up your gone pile and donate or throw it away, hang up what you have decided to keep, and don't forget to have a little fun.. Now back to the rest of that chore list. Happy Cleaning! (=

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